Step 2: Applicant fills out the contact form.
What is Step 2?
In this step you will be asked a series of questions. Some of the questions are factual in nature (Your full name), and some of them are theoretical in nature (What do you think you will earn).

Please answer them accurately and completely. After clicking on the "Submit" button at the end of the form, your answers will be sent off and you will automatically be redirected to the next step in the process.
Contact Form

The name of the Dealership you are applying to:

How did you hear about this opportunity:

Your full name:

 The best phone number to reach you:
Your e-mail address:
Are you currently employed:

 Your level of general sales experience:

What type of selling have you done:
Why do you want to sell cars:
What was it about our dealership or our ad that made you want to apply for a sales position:

Which of these statements best describes you:
What is the level of stress at your current or past job:
Level of independence at current or past job:
Type of management style you prefer to work with:
What will be your strength in car sales:
An average salesperson sells 10, how many will you do in 1st month:
An average salesperson earns $5,000 per month, my 1st month I will earn: earns:
What do you plan on earning 5 years from now:
Which of these gives you a greater sense of satisfaction:
Which of these do you have experience with:

Please check the boxes below that apply to you


Resolving client complaints


Solving workplace problems


Marketing or Advertising


Giving product presentations


Negotiating terms of agreement


Selling over the phone


Selling over the internet


Participation in sales specific training

What are some things you have done to improve your overall job skills, knowledge, or abilities:

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