Step 4: Applicant completes DMV background check and sends the dealership a resume.
Why is this important?
On this page you will find the link to download a PDF of a Release Form for criminal background check and link for driving records. These reports are what gives the dealership permission to pre-qualify you through their auto insurance, and liability requirements.


Do I need to have a perfect driving record or perfect legal history to qualify? No. Just because you may have speeding or moving violations and or DUI charges on your driving history, does not automatically disqualify you from being considered for employment.

Depending on the insurance provider the dealership you are applying to uses, an "imperfect" driving record may still be insurable. Insurance companies use a comprehensive algorithm to determine what level of insurability it will offer. Obviously, the cleaner your driving record is the easier it is to get approved by the insurance provider. The dealership reserves the right to refuse employment to applicants who fail to meet the minimum standards used by their insurance provider and may use their discretion when offering employment.

Also, once employment is obtained, it may be terminated if you should ever be disqualified by their insurance carrier requirements or other criminal liability requirements. Please print off the Release Forms and complete them and click on the link for driving records. You will receive an e-mail instructing you when we need them in. DO NOT SEND THEM (OR BRING THEM) IN UNTIL REQUESTED!
What do I do with it?
Once the Driving History and Criminal History Reports are completed they must be faxed (or brought) into the dealership you are applying to. You will receive and e-mail when the management is ready to receive them. You will not be considered for employment without this step being completed! The fax number and physical address for the dealership is located on the dealership's website and if you answered an on-line job posting the website will be located in the on-line ad also.

What about a resume, do I need one?
A resume is not a requirement for consideration of employment. If you have a resume prepared please include it with your fax of the Release Forms . If you do not have a resume, simply create a list of your job skills and qualifications along with any relevant job history. Include details that you feel will be important for a manager to consider as they relate to your ability to sell cars.

Thanks for following the process,
Recruit The Winners Team

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