Step 1: Applicant for automotive sales goes to Road to the Hire website. Congrats, Step 1 is done - you are here!

What is the Road to the Hire?
Thanks for your interest in becoming a salesperson in the car business. We are recruiters and trainers for the automobile industry. We provide the services, tools and resources necessary for our dealer clients to succeed. We actively pursue talented people and through a process (we call the road to the hire) we believe that we can help anyone succeed in the automotive business who follows our process. The most valuable asset and the driving force of any successful company is the sales person representing that company. We use multiple methods to attract those who could become valuable assets for our clients. We provide recruiting, hiring, basic & advanced training and management support to our dealer clients.

We work with dealerships all over the country:
  • Our dealers are progressive and innovative.
  • They sell a diversity of makes and models.
  • Desire to create a unique shopping experience for their customers.
  • Believe selling vehicles is an extremely rewarding career both financially and emotionally.
  • Are looking for someone with natural talent and the coachability to grow.
Who are we looking for?
We are currently looking for those who are looking for us. Do you fit the following description:
  • Have the desire to serve people while earning a great living.
  • May be in sales now but isn't satisfied with current environment or income.
  • Can follow a simple and proven sales process.
  • Would like to sell in a non-confrontational selling environment.
  • Wants to receive training and support from a committed and experienced management team.
  • Likes the freedom to plan and work your day without being micro-managed.
  • Has been told by friends and family, "You should be in sales!"
If this sounds like you then please continue reading, and learn how to get started down the Road to the Hire process.

What is our process?
All applicants go through an 8 step process before being hired for a sales position at one of the dealerships we represent. This process is to ensure, for both parties involved, that it will be a mutually beneficial relationship. We are not looking for just anyone who wants to sell cars, but rather the right person!

Step 1: Applicant for automotive sales goes to Road to the Hire website - You are here!
Step 2: Applicant fills out the contact form on the website. -
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Step 3: Applicant completes quick 20 question quiz about dealership and industry. - Go to step 3 
Step 4: Applicant completes Driving and Criminal background checks and provides resume. -
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Step 5: Applicant is invited in to fill out a standard job application form and a preliminary 10 minute interview. - Go to Step 5
Step 6: Applicant is invited in to observe the dealership and get a feel for the job.
Step 7: Applicant goes through a second comprehensive interview with members of management.
Step 8: Applicant is offered the position.

Why this process is so important?
This process is designed to filter out applicants who may not be suitable for work as a professional salesperson in the automobile dealerships our company represents. Our clients are not "typical" dealerships. They have standards and goals that not everyone who may want to sell cars can meet. Not all who apply will be accepted for employment, and the management reserves the right to make the final offer of employment regardless of the steps completed by the applicant. No guarantee of employment is implied by participation in this process.
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