Step 5: Applicant is invited in to fill out a standard job application form and goes through a preliminary 10 minute interview.
You should be able to answer yes to these three questions:

  1. Have I completed the contact form on Step 2 and answered the quiz questions on Step 3?
  2. Have I completed the Driving & Criminal History Report Forms on Step 4 and been asked to fax them in?
  3. Have I faxed in a copy of my resume / job skills and employment history?

What happens now?
The next steps in the process will involve you and the management getting together and seeing whether you like them and they like you. If the management has liked what they have seen so far, expect a phone call with an invitation to come into the dealership to complete a standard job application form.

Prepare for a sit down with a manager for an informal job interview. (At this stage it's mostly about feeling each other out.) Assuming the first interview went well, you'll be invited in for a longer visit to observe the store and get a better feel for the job. If you both want to continue, you'll go through a second more comprehensive interview with more members of management.

Finally, you're offered the position and you will be given an introduction to the staff, and the appropriate human resource paperwork; including the employee handbook. Get ready to be trained and coached. Our clients use us because we are not a typical training company. We believe in teaching the emotional and psychological principles of sales and we do not try to turn you into "word track robots" who have no personality. We believe the strongest salesperson is the one who learns how to incorporate proven principles into their own unique selling style while following a simple process. Empowerment is the goal not conformity!
Why don't other dealerships make applicants go through this type of process?
Other dealers "just need someone who can fog a mirror and tie their shoes" as the saying goes. Not all dealerships out there are trying to create a truly professional atmosphere for the employees and customers. We are trying to attract a different candidate because we want to break away from the stereotypical car salesman idea. I hope you can get a sense of our commitment to professionalism and innovation by the unique hiring process we use. If you feel that this process is time demanding and comprehensive, we agree.

A personal thanks
I want to thank you for doing what it takes to get this far. By now you see that we are not just looking for anyone to sell for us, but we are looking for the winners. As a trainer I know how hard it is to train someone who is not a good fit for this industry. It's frustrating for the salesperson, the managers, the customers, and it's expensive to the dealer. If it all works out I will see you at the dealership and I look forward to working with you and helping you become the winner we were looking for.

Recruiter, Coach, Trainer,

Jonathan Dawson
Founder of the Road to the Hire process

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