FAQ's: Some Frequently Asked Questions.
What are some common questions applicants ask?
Q. Doesn't this long complicated process prevent a lot of people from even applying for a job at all?
A. Yes. Actually that's partly the goal of the process. This way only serious and committed applicants get to spend the valuable time of the sales management. The managers main goal and primary function is to help customers or coach and develop the salespeople. Interviewing people who are just curious about selling cars and are not committed to finding a career is a misuse of their valuable time. 

How long does it typically take to go through the whole process, start to finish (getting hired)?
A. It typically takes a week (5 days), depending on when the process started. Also, the beginning and end of a month are usually busy times for dealerships so if you start the process on the 27th of the month be aware that it may take a little longer for the management to get back to you. Once the management reviews the information and makes the decision that you are someone they want to hire they may decide to offer you a position and ask you to start immediately or at a future date. A job offer does not necessarily mean you will start the position that very same day. For example, a dealer may have a hiring campaign for 5 new positions. Rather than starting everyone on the same day and burdening the management, they may spread the starting dates out over the next 4 - 6 weeks.

Can I do anything to try and speed up the process like call to speak to someone, or stop in and try to interview on the spot?

A. The process is in place for a reason and the dealers who use this tool do so because they see the value in it. That being said you are an adult and can make your own judgments about how to pursue your career. If you feel that you want to step outside of the process you do so at your own risk. Depending on how you do it the management may perceive you as an assertive "go getter" or they may feel you are someone who can't follow simple instructions and are a "rules don't apply to me" kind of person. It's up to you how to proceed.

I noticed that there are several dealerships that use recruitthewinners.com, can I apply to more than one of the clients you represent at a time?

A. You may apply to as many dealerships as you would like and it will in no way negatively effect you. Recruit The Winners provides recruiting services for many different dealerships at the same time, and some of them may be in the same geographical area. Each client may offer a variety of different benefits of employment, such as; hours, pay, training, and location.  You will need to answer each job ad independently and follow the process for each ad that you answer. Having completed "Step 2" for dealer "A" does not mean you do not have to do "Step 2" for dealer "B". Each ad you respond to needs to be responded to separately.

What role does Recruit the Winners play in the decision on who gets hired and / or who gets through to the next steps?

A. Recruit the Winners is a branch of Plan B Consulting. We are an independent consulting company that a select group of dealerships use for different aspects of salespeople and management development. We receive the information that is collected from the forms on this website and use that information to help the dealers determine the appropriate next step. We do not have the final authority on who gets offered a position and we do not filter the candidates independent of the managements instruction. Because we provide the continuous sales training for the dealerships we recruit for it is a natural function that we provide input on who gets hired as a salesperson.

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