Step 3: Applicant completes quick 20 question quiz about dealership and industry.
What’s next?
On this page you will find a 20 question quiz about the dealership you are applying to and the automobile industry. This is an "open book" quiz so you may use whatever resources necessary in order to answer the questions correctly.

We do not expect applicants to know the answers to these questions "off the top of their head" since some of the answers are not what would be considered common knowledge.

This is an actual test!
Wrong answers, or answers left blank will negatively count against you and might affect the management's perception of you.

Why am I taking a quiz?
The quiz is designed to serve three main functions:

  • Filter out candidates who are not willing to learn about their new job.
  • Find applicants who are willing to put forth extra effort to get what they want.
  • Familiarize you with the dealership, its products, and the industry.

When should I take the quiz?
Please take the quiz as soon as reasonably possible. It usually takes 20 - 30 minutes. Take the quiz when you have enough time and energy to focus on getting the right answers. In order to be considered for employment all applicants who are taking this quiz will have already completed the step previous to the quiz.

Please begin the quiz below and hit "SUBMIT" when completed.

Thanks for your continued interest,
Road to the Hire Team

20 Question Quiz


Dealership Applying to:

Full Name:
Best Contact Number:

1) What are the hours of the sales department on Saturday?:

2) What are the service department’s hours on Tuesday?:
3) How many different "models" of NEW vehicles does the dealership sell?:
4) How many makes of NEW vehicles does the dealership offer?:
5) What is the address of the dealership?:
6) Which is the NEW vehicle they sell with the best estimated highway fuel economy?:
7) How many salespeople work at the dealership?:
8) What is the name of the General Manager?:
9) What is the main web address of the dealership?:
10) How many NEW models of SUV’s do they sell?:
11) How many NEW models of sedans do they sell?:
12) How many NEW models of mini-vans do they sell?:
13) What is the name of one of the Finance Managers?:
14) What hours is the parts department open on Thursday?:
15) How long has the dealership been in business?:
16) What is the name of the General Sales Manager at the dealership?:
17) Which saves a customer more money if they were borrowing $25,000 on a 60 month term?:
18) Which is the approximate payment on a zero money down, 72 month loan with 5% interest if your price is $30,000, not including taxes and fees?:
19) What are the 2 most popular consumer websites for determining a trade-in value?:
20) What is the best way to handle the “I don’t like the color red.” objection from a customer?:
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